Recently one of our major sponsors informed us that although they love Honor Flight, they are unable to financially support our missions this year.  This was very unexpected and has left us with a serious situation as we relied on that funding source to fly our final flight of each flying season.


The final flight for 2015 is currently scheduled for October 24th.  


To keep the Oct. flight going we must raise $65,000 - quickly!


We need your help!!


85 deserving veterans have been waiting over 70 years for their Honor Flight!

Many of them will not get another chance to go on their final mission.


How can you help?  There are several ways!












Do you have an idea for a fundraiser?

Please contact our team right away - honorflightsefl@live.com

One of the best ways to help is to tell your friends about Honor Flight.
Please use your email contacts and social media
to get the word out!!

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